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Every saturday an interview will be posted. 12 questions. Different personalities, different perceptions with a view to make a difference.

This week I interviewed Yatin Samant. Founder of Powerful Perspectives.


1. What are some of the best practices you followed that helped you? (Waking up early, staying positive etc)

YCS : Self Awareness quest , Reflection / learning from self & past , Organised way to life

2. What motivates you the most?

YCS : Positive ambience , energy , peace with self

3. A quote which you wanna share with us? And how do you see it helps/affects your life?

YCS : Many :
What you do is a function of How you see
At high performance end , it is not the talent deficit , but a perspective deficit which will make a decisive difference between an Outstanding & an Ordinary
See what you can do with what you have than crying over what you don’t
You are accountable most , to yourself – be brutally sincere to self

4. Do you read books? Mention some of your best reads and take aways from them.

YCS : I read regularly to complete about 15 books / year , for past 4 years now .
I read anything , excluding fiction …some are : Work Rules , First 90 days , Chanakya & you , At the bottom of the pyramid , Execution …..

5. What according to you is financial freedom and how can someone get there?

YCS : To be able to put desired resource at the desired place at the desired time & to have the discretion to be able to decide
Way to get there is : (i) Choose your pursuit close to your purpose in life , (ii) Seek excellence in whatever you do ; excellence gets a premium ; thereby make money work for you , you don’t chase money ( Money should be the Result of your pursuit , not Reason for it )

6. What according to you, are some of the ways to stay Financially Fit?

YCS : Clarity , Integrity , Conviction , Discipline

7. What according to you is missing in the current education system? If there is any, how do we over come?

 ‎ YCS : Traditionally overwhelming emphasis on acquisition of “ Knowledge “ , focus should shift to Learning ( Insights ( Wisdom . Knowledge in itself is ZERO , unless digested , assimilated , applied & the learning recycled .
Right from foundation days , we must encourage children to Ask , Challenge , Debate , Reflect ; thereby gather their own : Understanding & Realisation

 ‎8. Do you invest? Mention some your favorite investment avenues? 

 ‎ YCS : Spectrum : Real Estate , FDs , MFs , Equity , Gold
Please do not approach / seek my time on any commercial proposition . I need nothing from any one .

9. What guided you to work in this direction? What made you to start the current profession/Business/Job? 

YCS : Common sense & a view into the future

10. Toughest situation you have ever been(mentally/physically/Financially) and how did you over come it?

YCS : Many . I still have close to Rs 80.0 L of my money , not yet come back to me from various sources .

11. Is there any regrets in your life? 

YCS : None ; only learning . It is my saying that , From past , take only learning , don’t carry regret as Regret dwells in the Past & Learning takes you to the Future

12. Any Advice/experiences to the teens which could help them?

YCS : Learn your own way , using common sense

Yatin Samant

Founder, Powerful Perspectives

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