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This week I interviewed Rajat Chakraborty, Author.

1. What are some of the best practices you followed that helped you? (Waking up early, staying positive etc)
Meditation, Visualization.
2. What motivates you the most?
Constantly remind yourself about the number of days you have left on Earth. That’s about 15,000 to be precise. Motivation is internal, rest all is BS.
3. A quote which you wanna share with us? And how do you see it helps/affects your life?
“The skills cheap. Passion is priceless” – Gary Vaynerchuck 
Indeed, enthusiasm moves the world. The reason why people like me are able to connect with others is not because of my skills or that I’m talented. It’s because they see the zeal and enthusiasm in me which they are not able to find in anybody else! 
4. Do you read books? Mention some of your best reads and take aways from them.
Start something that matters, Zero to one, The startup of you, Inner enginnering, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and grow rich, The Grand design, Paulo Coelho books and many more.. 

For key takeaways, follow me on Linkedin – I’ve started to share everything online. 

5. What according to you is financial freedom and how can someone get there?
Financial freedom is being able to spend your time the way you want, without having to worry about money ever. To get started, just read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and start applying the principles in your own life. 
6. What according to you, are some of the ways to stay Financially Fit?
#1: Discipline
Income minus Investments = spending capital
instead of,
Income minus spending capital = investments. 
7. What according to you is missing in the current education system? If there is any, how do we over come?
Too much dependency on the public education system. Due to several limitations, the system won’t be able to adapt to the rapidly changing world. They have recently introduced a 50% cut in the syllabus to introduce more co-curricular activities. I don’t know much that will help but learning to learn is the need of the hour. Those who don’t upgrade themselves will be left behind. Everything we need to learn is on the internet for FREE. 
 ‎8. Do you invest? Mention some your favorite investment avenues?
Yes, Mutual Funds. 
9. What guided you to work in this direction? What made you to start the current profession/Business/Job?
Self-Awareness & Networking.
10. Toughest situation you have ever been(mentally/physically/Financially) and how did you over come it?

A. Mentally – Breakup 
B. Physically – Bullied & Abused 
C. Financially – After resignation from my first job. 

A. Gym, meditation, counselor 
B. Made stronger friends, stayed away from the bullies, befriended teachers 
C. Got another job pretty soon

11. Is there any regrets in your life?
12. Any Advice/experiences to the teens which could help them?
Invest your time in learning more about yourself – Be incredibly self-aware and focus on the inner journey before seeking outwards. Build life-long relationships. Invest early. Surround yourself with the most positive and smartest folks you can find.
Rajath Chakraborty

Rajat is currently writing a book (scheduled to release on 1st Jan) to help youth jump-start into the real world. He envisions to build the most active youth community empowering the dreams of India’s most motivated youth. For more details about him, feel free to visit his Linkedin profile

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