How To Make Your Bank Listen To Your Complaint?

If you have a complaint against a bank, the first thing you must do is contact your bank’s customer care and register your complaint with them. Complaints such as levying unnecessary charges without prior notice, illegal electronic transactions, mis-selling of insurance plans and so on, can be filed with the bank. If your bank does Read more about How To Make Your Bank Listen To Your Complaint?[…]

Personal Finance Habits Everyone Should Follow!

Personal finance is the financial management which an individual or a family unit performs to budget, save, and spend monetary resources over time, taking into account various financial risks and future life events.  Let’s see the habits everyone should have when it comes to the personal finance:  (Please count down the number of habits you follow, there Read more about Personal Finance Habits Everyone Should Follow![…]

How to Avoid the Personal Loan Traps!

Financials ups and downs are very common for every person or institution and no one can claim that they never faced such situations. May it be the richest person of the country or the top financial institution, everybody had to face such situations now or then when they need a financial support. The financial support Read more about How to Avoid the Personal Loan Traps![…]

Lifetime Free Credit Card offer really worth to avail?

Lifetime free credit card? “Wow, that’s amazing!” Right?  But fellow readers, “There is no free lunch in this world”. Everything is charged or bundled with hidden charges. One needs to read every Terms and Condition including terms with small letters with asterisk * sign. If you have got an offer of lifetime free credit card or Read more about Lifetime Free Credit Card offer really worth to avail?[…]

How Often You Should Use Your Credit Card?

A Credit Card is sort of a pre-approved personal loan, using which a person can make certain purchases, borrow money against it or one can even get advance cash. It is one of the best options which a person have in financial cash crunches and in the case of certain emergencies where money is required. Read more about How Often You Should Use Your Credit Card?[…]

Good debt-Bad debt! Analysis.

Borrowing money is a common thing but before you borrow money, it’s very important to know the difference between good debt and bad debt. Somethings are worth going into debt, but many others can create a big financial mess for you.  What is a Good Debt? In simple words a good debt is one which is Read more about Good debt-Bad debt! Analysis.[…]

Basic Money Saving Hacks!

Earning money is a skill, it is considered as the result for our hard work. At the same time saving hard earned money and using it in the right way is also very crucial. There are many who are good at earning enough for their needs but do not spend it rightly. This article is Read more about Basic Money Saving Hacks![…]

How to manage your debts!

It’s nearly impossible to live debt-free these days. Most of us don’t have ready cash to pay for our cars, homes or college costs. Though holding some amount of debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 1.COME CLEAN ABOUT SPENDING Debt can pile up for all kinds of reasons. Paying it down can be pretty straightforward Read more about How to manage your debts![…]