Economic significance of Festival of lights!

All festivals in India have a strong economic connection and their timely intervention in one calendar year assures “rejuvenation” of Indian Economy. Among all festivals that are celebrated in India, the combination of  Navratri + Dasera + Dipavali  truly helps Indian Economy to grow faster in comparison with other times in the year.

The combo of 3 festivals coming one after the other boost all businesses with a very high turnover in sales of almost all products across the country. Even a smallest product like cotton thread (Baati used in lamps) perhaps earns millions. Gold, silver, clothes, metal products, plastic products, paints, furniture, good grains, sweets, poojas, photos, flowers, automobiles, milk, greeting cards, mobiles, smses, sky lanterns, crackers, bulbs, tubes, rangolis etc. You name the product and services and you will see the size of revenue significantly growing. If finance ministry takes a stock of the growth in GDP, it is surely going to find out that these two festivals builds strong base for India economy to sustain it further for remaining months.

Besides financial gains, there is also a great amount of “secularism show” that takes place. While buying goods, Hindus do not see from whom they are buying it. You will see stall vendors of various products from all religions gain during these two seasons. Hence these festivals bring good fortune for all religions.

When we look at the design of all the festivals celebrated in India we can easily understand how the religion has woven economics well for all seasons, considering all aspects of the human life.

Such a strong design produced when science and technology was no where near what we have today, is just an amazing piece of work to be taken care of properly, by citizens the citizens of India.

Happy Deepavali ✨

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