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This week I interviewed Anshuman Pratap Chaudhary. Serial entrepreneur and mentor for various start-ups.

1. What are some of the best practices you followed that helped you? (Waking up early, staying positive etc)

To be an entrepreneur my learnings are that there is a lot of discipline required – ruthless prioritisation, waking early, keeping healthy, team bonding, focussed, immense mental positivity, networking, constant learning and yes burn your past bridges so the only direction you can move is ‘forward’

2. What motivates you the most? 

The dream that my venture will create a serious impact, without impact you are just another business

3. A quote which you wanna share with us? And how do you see it helps/affects your life?

“Men look at things and say why; I belong to the class of men who dream of things that never were and say why not”- this is a saying by Sir George Bernard Shaw and exemplifies a true explore/entrepreneur as per me. Without the quench for innovation, there can be no entrepreneurship 

4. Do you read books? Mention some of your best reads and take aways from them.

I am more of an avid reader not necessarily of books only – I consume a lot of information on great life, science, spirituality, business etc and all such readings leave some deep mark in me so it will be selfish to just name a few.

5. What according to you is financial freedom and how can someone get there?

Financial freedom is the amount of money which is there with one at any time to fulfil the needs of life (as per stature) comfortably and there is no need for one to earn that money ever. To get there guess one has to definitely know what one needs, how much is needed and then there is no shortcut to smart work to get there. BTW I am yet to reach there.

6. What according to you, are some of the ways to stay Financially Fit? 

Basic ones are to do systematic investments upto 25% of your earnings at all times, reduction of loans or none is better, plan spends within your budget is what I can think of. Depending on how ambitious is one, one can move to more high risk investments too

7. What according to you is missing in the current education system? If there is any, how do we over come?

Depends on which country, which board are are we talking about. Our traditional eduction is more text book oriented bounded by rote learning, I think its much better to have a more experimental and research based learning for children from an early age; that allows them to think beyond. This also makes children more versatile, explorative, develop high EQ, teamwork and makes knowledge application easy in life.

 ‎8. Do you invest? Mention some your favorite investment avenues? 

This is a personal question and I don’t want people to get influenced by me personal financial decisions. Yes I do basic investments and in future I wish to increase my risk appetite significantly

9. What guided you to work in this direction? What made you to start the current profession/Business/Job? 

EYWAMEDIA is my second venture and along with my cofounder we saw the possibility of unifying data points about people to allow brands know them better and create a new experience which is more satisfying to customers. This is where it all began and we are still learning and implementing a lot to finally get to a global impact!

10. Toughest situation you have ever been(mentally/physically/Financially) and how did you over come it?

Honestly speaking for an entrepreneur all of this is a tough spot but one has to overcome, learn and tame these forces to move ahead. If you don’t you will perish, if you do you will thrive. Like I say – Hey Sky if you wish me to fly, raise your height.

11. Is there any regrets in your life? 

So much to do; yet so little time!

12. Any Advice/experiences to the teens which could help them?

Learn well, pray well, travel as much as possible, find a job you like for some years before starting up on your own, enjoy your work with passion, be accepting and yes be compassionate.

     Anshuman Pratap Chaudhary
                Co-founder& CSO

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